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A do or die situation

Now IRSA thinks that the provinces might face up to 30% shortages in the current Rabi season instead of the earlier predicted 20%.

The estimate is based on whatever is available in the rivers plus the 7.8 maf stored in the two dams. This figure can increase to 7.8+6.1=13.9 maf, to all but wipe out the shortages, if Kalabagh dam is built. Is this not criminal neglect of our life saving resources?

Please tell me it if it is possible to use a medium like the Facebook to shame the people who are holding up a project on which depends the survival of the country.

Some to save their seats of power, and others to save their skins from the wrath of the awam misled into believing that the proposed dam will dry up their mother land.

No fault of Kalabagh dam can be big enough to deprive the 20 crore people of Pakistan of the lifesaving water and power which should be theirs for the asking.

The alternate is a fate worse than death. It is a do or die situation.

Eng. Khurshid Anwar