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Woman in Peshawar, man in Kohat live tweet Canadian-American couple’s surveillance

A woman in Peshawar and a man in Kohat live tweeted Canadian-American couple’s rescue surveillance through drones on the night of October 11. A twitter conversation that was started by Farzana Shah, who is a journalist based in Peshawar, was later replied by Munawar Khan, a citizen of Kohat.

Farzana while talking to Pakistan Today said that she was not on ground when the operation took place, “I was in Peshawar when I was told by sources in Kohat that drones and gunships were hovering in the air space,” she said. Her sources told her that the locals were scared after hearing the sound of drones in the area. So just like any instinctive journalist, she tweeted to get a confirmation.

Munawar Khan, who is a citizen of Kohat replied to her by saying that he observed the drones and that they might be American.

However, soon after this small twitter conversation news channels broke the news of the rescue operation carried out by law enforcement agencies to liberate the abducted family.

Joshua Boyle, the Canadian citizen, his American wife Caitlan Coleman and their three children were rescued yesterday after the law enforcement agencies intercepted the vehicle carrying the five family members while they were being moved by their captors to an undisclosed location. Boyle and Coleman were abducted in 2012 while they were touring Afghanistan.

In 2011, Sohaib Athar live tweeted the Osama Bin Laden raid from Abbottabad. However, he was on ground at that point and tweeted the whole OBL raid with a series of tweets which later gave him international claim.

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