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Rescued American-Canadian family board Canada bound flight

ISLAMABAD: The American-Canadian family that had been freed from Taliban captivity by Pakistan Army boarded a flight to Canada on Friday, reports confirmed.

American Caitlan Coleman, her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle and their three children boarded Pakistan International Airlines flight PK785 to Canada via UK.

The family, after remaining in captivity for five years, had initially refused to immediately board a US-bound flight over fears about the husband’s past links to a former Guantanamo Bay inmate.

Pakistan Army on Thursday announced that it had recovered a family of five foreign hostages— including one Canadian national, his US national wife and their three children—from the custody of a terrorist outfit, “safe and sound” through an intelligence-based operation by Pakistan troops and intelligence agencies.

Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle had reportedly been abducted from Afghanistan in 2012 while on a backpacking trip. All of their three children were born in captivity.

US president Donald Trump lauded Pakistan’s efforts for the successful recovery of the kidnapped couple saying that their release was a “positive moment” for US relations with Pakistan.