NATO chief urges US and Turkey to ‘sit down and find solutions’



North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Chief Jens Stoltenberg on Friday urged the United States and Turkey to “sit down and find solutions” to a crisis in relations between the two key members of the military alliance.

“I only urge the US and Turkey to sit down and find solutions because it is important for the alliance that we are able to work closely together, especially in that region, because Turkey is a key ally in our fight against terrorism,” Stoltenberg told AFP in an interview.

Armed conflict with North Korea will have ‘devastating consequences’

Stoltenberg warned that a military intervention against North Korea would have “devastating consequences”, after US President Donald Trump claimed that diplomatic efforts had failed.

“The use of military force will have devastating consequences, I think nobody really wants that, therefore we need to continue to push for a negotiated solution,” Stoltenberg said in an interview at NATO headquarters in Brussels.