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NAB chairman wants zero tolerance against corruption

  • Justice Iqbal says he will not take dictations

ISLAMABAD: Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal on Thursday said that corruption could not be eliminated until NAB’s officials adopt zero tolerance policy and adhering to transparency, merit and honesty.

He was addressing officers of the NAB Headquarters and Rawalpindi Bureau after taking his charge as the chairman. In a bid to restore NAB’s prestige, Justice Iqbal said that the principle of ‘accountability for all’ would be strictly implemented and all inquiries/investigations would be conducted within given time instead of lingering on for years.

“All cases filed by NAB to the accountability courts, high courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan would be followed effectively and bureau’s stance would be presented before them as per law and evidences to help retrieve looted money from corrupt elements, besides, taking them to task,” he said.

The chairman said that he neither took dictations nor he would do in future. He said that he had always given verdicts according to law. Justice Iqbal directed the NAB officers to work with due diligence without being influenced. “You belong to an institution which is mandated to curb menace of corruption from the country. People are having high hopes from this institute,” he said.

“You are aware of the fact that corruption is root cause of all evils and if you receive any application against any department/individual, you must look into the matter according to law of the land,” he directed the officers. He said that the officers should not act against any innocent person and hurt his integrity.

However, he said that the corrupt people must be dealt with iron hands and references be filed to accountability courts concerned by adhering to all requirements of law and justice. Justice Iqbal warned that all those officials who mishandle their powers would have no place in NAB.

“I will personally monitor performance of all officials/officers and a visible difference will be seen in bureau’s performance in coming months,” he added.

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