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Sanaullah stirs up a hornet’s nest, calls Ahmadis Muslims

  • Punjab minister says he never declared Qadianis as Muslims

After Capt (retd) Safdar’s recent diatribe against Ahmadis which met with severe criticism by opposition parties and on social media, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) appears to be in a fix again after Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Thursday made a controversial statement favouring the minority community.

Sanaullah’s statement that “Ahmadis (also) act upon ‘Namaz’ (prayer) and ‘Roza’ (fast); they go to mosques and recite Azan” incited countrywide protests.

The Punjab minister, while talking to a private channel, stirred up a hornet’s nest by calling Ahmadis Muslims.

“Opposition with Ahmadis is over the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat issue,” he said, and added that “according to Ulema, the Ahmadis cannot say their prayers, recite Azan and construct their mosques. But there are several complexities. The matter should be discussed at certain level.”

Rana Sanaullah said that there will be a big reaction if someone says that the Ahmadis should be recruited into the army. “It should not be discussed in detail as it will cause provocation,” he added.

The minister however said that it was the responsibility of the government to protect their lives and property.


Nevertheless, Rana Sanaullah in a late night clarification said that he never declared “Qadianis” as Muslims. He said this statement had been wrongly attached to him. The minister further said that Captain (r) Safdar during his speech in parliament was correct however his claim that there are also Qadianis in the Army is totally wrong.

PML-Q MOVES RESOLUTION IN PA AGAINST LAW MINISTER: Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) on Thursday moved a resolution in the Punjab Assembly against Law Minister Rana Sanaullah for what it termed a ‘controversial’ statement.

The resolution, which was moved by PML-Q’s parliamentary leader Moonis Elahi, stated that the provincial minister’s attempt to prove Ahmadis as Muslims amounts to treason against the Constitution. “This House expresses grave concern about recent talk on a TV channel about Ahmadis by the Punjab law minister which has greatly hurt the sentiments of entire Muslim Ummah,” the resolution stated.

“This inexcusable statement of Rana Sanaullah would have not only shaken heavens but also hurt the heart of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) without whom we are nothing. Our honour is because of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),” it said.

The resolution reads that Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims in 1974 constitutionally. “In 1984 through a presidential ordinance, they (Ahmadis) were bounded not to use Islamic teachings whereas in his talk the minister has committed inexcusable crime of treason against the Constitution to prove them as Muslims,” the resolution said.

In view of his statement, the government should immediately call an explanation from the law minister as to how he was declaring deviators from the Khatm-e-Nubawwat as Muslims and what were the heinous motives behind his this statement, the party demanded in the resolution.

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