Gunman injures at least four in Sweden’s Trelleborg, escapes | Pakistan Today

Gunman injures at least four in Sweden’s Trelleborg, escapes

At least four men were confirmed injured after gunshots rang out late Thursday night in a busy market here in Sweden’s southern town, reports from international media outlets indicated.

“Police have detained several suspects for questioning” in a case that has now been “classified as attempted murder”, an update to the statement issued by Police Skåne says.

The suspect is still on the run and has not been detained.

“[We] received several reports of a suspected shooting in central Trelleborg. There are several people who have experienced confirmed gunshot wounds,” the statement had said initially.

“Police are working to secure different places for ambulances to reach and treat those who are injured. We have launched a major investigation,” it had added.

“Four people have been hospitalised in Malmö and Lund,” authorities said in an update 45 minutes after the shooting but were unable to confirm the severity of their injuries.

“Forensics and search dogs are ordered to the site.”

According to Swedish journalist and political commentator Peter Imanuelsen — who believes the incident was “likely gang shootings” — local police said it “is not linked to terrorism”.