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Another woman falls prey to Karachi’s ‘knifeman’

KARACHI: Another woman has been reportedly attacked by a sharp object in North Nazimabad area on Friday, making her the 16th victim of the mysterious ‘knifeman’ who has been terrorising women in the port city since September 25.

As per reports, the victim was en route to work when the attacker wearing a helmet and riding a motorcycle stabbed her and escaped.

The woman, likely to be in her 40s, was treated for minor injuries at home, following which she headed to Hyderi police station to lodge a complaint against the attacker.

The suspect, who has posed quite a challenge to the authorities, remains at large.

Earlier, Karachi police had also released pictures which were screengrabs from the CCTV footage of the suspect wherein the assailant can be seen riding a motorbike moments before attacking one of the victims.

The case has been handed over to the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), which has deployed a team to work on ways to capture the ‘lone wolf’.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has recently claimed that the suspect had been identified and is believed to be the same person who was behind similar attacks in Punjab’s Chichawatni area, where 50 women were injured in knife attacks over three years since 2013.

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  1. Boshu said:

    How come no protest march by people in Karachi like they are doing in SriNagar? Or is it that no one is paying protesters in Karachi to march like they are paid in SriNagar.

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  3. hasan said:

    There are 700000 dead brain troops harassing womens and young guys in jammu kashmir from 3 decades use of palet guns normal normal these days…………. their is a gang disturbing here.. not new these type of paid -gangs in city .there were many in the past..and eventually finished.. . you should learn first difference b/w 700000 military troops and gang in the city first … Gangs are in every where in any big cities …. from mumbai to delhi / karachi to lahore or manchester to londan (blacks) & how about ur women rapist’s in India !

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