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Improved tax collection

The federal government has come out with some good and positive figures in terms of its economic progress and growth as well as sustaining prudent fiscal discipline while reviewing its fiscal performance during the first quarter of current financial year July to September 2017.

It is a good start to the new financial year by the FBR and hopefully the tempo will be maintained by it during the remaining three quarters of financial year 2017-18. Substantially higher revenue generation will enable the federal government not to impose new taxes and even provide some relief to the people.

The federal government has closed the first quarter on strong fiscal performance which it is committed to maintain as accelerated economic growth coupled with recent upward trend in country’s exports and remittances by expatriates Pakistanis will ensure continued reduction in unemployment and poverty.

It is also appreciable that the federal finance ministry has come out with facts and figures about economic performance during the first quarter within less than ten days of its ending instead of keeping the people guessing rightly and wrongly in this regard till the time next budget is announced. This good practice of keeping the people informed and updated should be continued to keep them in the picture as to what their government is doing for sustaining and boosting further economic growth for overall betterment of the people.