Pakistan requires $40 bn to counter climate change: Mushahidullah | Pakistan Today

Pakistan requires $40 bn to counter climate change: Mushahidullah

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan on Tuesday said that Pakistan is bearing the brunt of climate change and the country needs around $40 billion to deal with issues arising from this phenomenon.

In the past, the country had witnessed firsthand the extremes of climate change in the form of floods, droughts, sea intrusion and rapid melting of glaciers. The dangers are still very real as Pakistan is one among the top 10 countries that will be badly affected by global warming.

Talking to Global Green Growth Institute Director General Frank Rijsberman, the climate change minister said that 30 percent of transport in Pakistan was being run on compressed natural gas (CNG), while machinery installed in many industrial units have been converted to liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Commenting on the country’s carbon emissions status, Mushahidullah said that, “Pakistan contributes only 0.08 per cent to the global carbon emissions, even then it is among the most vulnerable countries in the face of climate change.” In this regard, the dire case of Pakistan should be projected at all international forums and supported through initiation of green projects in the country.

The minister further said that, “The negative impacts of climate change is on the rise in the country where its impact can be witnessed on a daily basis.” He said that Pakistan would highlight these issues during the Global Green Growth Conference being held in Ethiopia next week.

Moreover, he stressed the need to approach Pakistan on priority-basis for initiation of green projects by Global Green Growth Institute. On this, Rijsberman informed the senator that Pakistan could increase its renewable energy resources which was cheap and environment friendly. Later, senator Mushahidullah ensured to provide full support to the institute for initiation of projects in the country.