Indian troops hinder Muharram processions in Occupied Kashmir | Pakistan Today

Indian troops hinder Muharram processions in Occupied Kashmir

Indian troops have continued to impose strict restrictions in Indian Occupied Kashmir to prevent people from taking out Muharram processions, Kashmir Media Service (KMS) reported on Saturday.

Authorities deployed Indian troops, police, and paramilitary personnel in full riot gear across Srinagar to stop the Muharram processions. The pedestrian movement has been suspended, while the forces have placed coils of barbed wires along the main roads to prevent movement of traffic.

Officials told journalists that the restrictions will remain in force until Ashura on Sunday (10th Muharram).

Main Muharram processions are banned in the occupied territory since 1990, and only small mourning rallies are allowed in selected areas.

Meanwhile, Indian police arrested dozens of mourners during a Muharram procession near Jehangir Chowk on Friday. Scores of people were injured due to the use of brute force on mourners by Indian troops and police personnel in Srinagar.

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