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Turbat and NADRA

Turbat is one the biggest cities of Balochistan but it is a pity that it lacks many facilities, including multiple NADRA offices.

Moreover, from different areas such as Dasht, Tump, Nasirabad and Pidark people come here for fulfilling their works but unfortunately, there is only one NADRA office in the entirety of Turbat, so they are facing many problems.

It is also unfortunate that the NADRA office that exists lacks certain facilities as there is no arrangement for people to sit, unavailability of cold water. As a result, quite often old people can’t bear the long period standing in hot weather in lines sometimes in fact they faint on the spot.

As a result, the government of Balochistan is requested to construct more –and better – NADRA offices in Turbat in order to bring their citizens comfort and save their precious time from being wasted