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Islamabad Police arrest ISIS flag

The Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICT Police) have arrested an ISIS flag that had placed itself on a major thoroughfare road of the city.

“We have placed the flag under custody and are currently questioning it,” said Khalid Khattak, ICT Inspector General Police (IGP).

“The thing is extremely reticent and isn’t talking, but we’re sure we would be able to get something out before its presentation in front of a civil magistrate in the morning,” he added.

Inside sources said that the police has a short window of getting information out of the flag as the flag will almost certainly be granted bail by the court.

“If only there was some well-known madrassa that was around in Islamabad that had made public its association with the Daesh, we would be able to get somewhere,” said Khattak.

“Do you from the media know any,” shouted Khattak loudly, drowning out the chorus of reporters naming one particular madrassa. The ISIS flag, meanwhile, did not comment, as it was an inanimate object

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.