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Afghanistan appoints new consul general in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Afghanistan has appointed new Consul General Professor Muhammad Moeen Marastial at its consulate in Peshawar on Tuesday.

Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Omar Zakhilwal introduced the new consul general to the participants of the appointment ceremony of the new consul general and informed them about the transfer of former occupant of the position, Professor Abdullah Waheed Poyan, to Karachi in the same capacity. The ceremony was attended by US consul general, consul general of the Islamic Republic of Iran, officials of UNHCR, Afghan refugee elders, doctors and people from trade and business circles in Peshawar.

On the occasion, Zakhilwal expressed satisfaction over ongoing parlays between high-ranking officials of the two neighbouring countries, which according to him were yielding positive and fruitful outcomes.

“Whatever might be the relations between the governments, there exist unprecedented cordial, friendly and brotherly relations between people of the two countries,” he remarked while addressing the ceremony. He, while expressing satisfaction over results of his talks with high-ranking Pakistan officials, said that it led to the restoration of cordial relations and ending to an era of doubts and mistrust between the two countries.

Zakhilwal also said, “Hurdles and problems exist in relations between the two countries due to a misunderstanding on certain issues. But the atmosphere is conducive for strengthening of these relations as I see positive results of contacts and talks at different levels between Islamabad and Kabul.” He added that people of both the countries were linked to each other in an unbreakable relation.

The newly appointed diplomat thanked the Afghan government for assigning him the task to serve as consul general in Peshawar and said that he was well aware of the issues and problems and believed that Pakistan and Afghanistan were compulsory for each other. He added that he will utilise all of his abilities for ensuring cordial relations between the two countries.

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