India, Pakistan say nasty stuff about each other’s mommy, daddy at United Nations | Pakistan Today

India, Pakistan say nasty stuff about each other’s mommy, daddy at United Nations

NEW YORK – Despite being recently reprimanded for a lack of discipline and inappropriate language India and Pakistan were seen throwing cuss words at each other in the United Nations playground.

While both culprits remained adamant that the other had started the trash-talk first, eyewitnesses reveal that the two have a history that goes back a long way.

“We first noticed it in pre-playgroup, but have gradually learned that the rivalry even goes beyond that,” confirmed the teacher on playground duty in the afternoon.

India and Pakistan’s age fellows reveal that there was a lot of cussing at each other’s families going on during the playground tussle.

“India questioned Pakistan’s offspring, while Pakistan brought up India’s mommy,” confirmed a UN member, belonging to the same age bracket as the two culprits, wishing anonymity.

“They also pointed out how great the daddy was,” reveals a senior grade UN member. “There was also talk about how rich the families are, who has studied where, professions like doctors and engineers were heard, some multinational groups were also mentioned – I definitely heard the mention of an export business.”

Eyewitnesses told The Dependent that despite both culprits being toddlers, the trash-talk was “downright embarrassing for those watching.”

“I mean kindergarten kids can get one up over each other in a much more refined and sophisticated way than these two,” complained a monitor.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.