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Today’s White Lies

It was a bit of a skilful turnaround by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. After being called out back home for not wearing a tie at the UN General Assembly, he quipped that he went to school in California (UCLA, electrical engineering) and that he was told there that the only two occasions where one is supposed to wear a tie are weddings and funerals.


Abbasi seems to have made a virtue out of being a little laid back in matters sartorial. But this is still a much better approach than that of, say, the Punjab CM. Whereas the convention for high-brow official meetings is wearing dark suits and ties, the younger Sharif is partial to light suits and Panama hats (the irony) and even colourful pinstripe socks. Sticks out like a sore thumb.




Some of the beneficiaries (real and perceived) of the Sharif clan seem to be entertaining the thought of jumping ship.


Recently, perhaps the most high-profile one of these gentlemen from the journalist community, gave an indication of his pivoting in the editorial of a weekly that he edits.


One wonders what this fellow’s little birdie has whispered into his ears.