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PU VC boasts of high academic standard despite low fee

LAHORE: Punjab University (PU) Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Zaffar Mubeen Nasar, while talking to the media on Sunday, said that a record number of new teaching departments, new programmes at master’s level and disciplines at bachelor’s level have successfully been introduced at the university.

He said that during the academic session 2017-18, a total of 30,000 students would be given admission to various BA/BSc and MA/MSc courses on merit in morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

The VC said that despite the high standard of education, PU charges the lowest semester fee not only in the country but also in the world, ranging from Rs 3,265 to Rs 8,987 for postgraduate programmes, which is much less than the majority of prep schools operating in the country.

The total member of faculties and students in PU in all teaching disciplines is also higher than all other universities in Pakistan, he said. He said that science students of PU alway compete with foreign students in certain areas of specialisation.

He also said that decade old syllabi and courses are being revised gradually in a phased programme and are being updated to meet future challenges. He said that not a single student was admitted against merit.

The VC said that his motto was to promote quality research, update the teaching methodology of teachers, besides improving the educational standard.

He said that special task of building the good image of the varsity, projection of healthy academic activities and latest research achievements has been assigned to Dr Waqar Ch, who is a senior faculty member at the Institute of Communication Studies, while two other assistant professors Dr Shabbair Sarwar and Dr Rashid Khan of ICS are also the members of this team.

“Punjab University has a unique privilege to be the only educational institution in the country that is imparting knowledge to students in all disciplines ranging from social science, humanities, science, computer, law and foreign languages, including Hindi and French”.

Zaffar Mueen said that by the grace of Allah, a team of scientists of Molecular Bio technology Department of PU, after a long field research and series of experiments, had successfully evolved a new disease-resistant variety of cotton see, showing higher yield per acre, thus enhancing the revenue of farmers up to Rs 140 billion annually, besides saving millions of dollar in foreign exchange spent on the import of pesticides.

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