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Overflowing sewerage

I want to draw the attention of KMC, KWSB and the Governor of Sindh and invite all of them to come or at least send their honest and sincere staff to see why dirty sewerage water often overflows in this particular area of Soldier Bazaar number 2, Karachi.

Today I observer that KWSB send its truck to suck the dirty sewerage water but they did only a partial job and left and afterwards, you could see that, despite that, the road from Zainabia House to Mudassar Terrance is wet and that there is dirty water from the sewers on the road which in turn creates problem especially for those who are passing through this road and living in surrounding buildings.

Government of Sindh, it seems, has only learnt how to get tax from citizen and are not in return giving the basic facility such as clean drinking water. Sewerage system should be working properly and without water stay, we shouldn’t have to face load shedding, and there should be resolution of un-employment, a reduction in inflation and an improvement in the transport systems.

I still do not understudy why the sweepers do not clean the area first, they do not remove all of the garbage but only remove it partially. Who will pick this garbage?