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Literacy policy

It is good to note that the Provincial Literacy and Non-Formal Education Department has started working on plans to formulate a comprehensive Punjab Literacy Policy in close coordination and cooperation of all stakeholders from public and private sectors as well as prominent educators for achieving the somewhat ambitious target of making the province 100 per cent literate by year 2030.

It is also commendable that the literacy department is working in the right directed in a committed manner and  quite willing to increase public private partnership and work with NGOs as well for increasing the literacy in the province at somewhat accelerate pace.

As per the available figures, the Literacy Department has imparted education to more than 18 lakhs students and 5 lakhs adults in a short span of time and over four lakhs children are still studying in as many as 13 thousand non-formal Basic Education Schools and more than 36 thousand adults are also studying in 6300 Adult Literacy Centres all over the province particularly in the rural areas.

All this apparently is good and formation of the literacy policy will help all those concerned to move forward for achieving the given objectives in a time span. This is to wish the Literacy Department all success in formulating perhaps first-ever Literacy Policy and continue moving on to achieve 100 per cent literacy rate by 2030.