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Who cares about the agony of lesser mortals?

My wife suffered a heart attack at 1:30 AM to 11-09-17. We tried to rush her to Punjab Institute of Cardiology. All roads were closed due to VIP movement of the ‘rental’ World XI cricket team. Helpless, we rushed her to nearby Hijaz Hospital. The two-member staff and a ‘badtameez’ guard present all treated us like dogs. They even refused to offer us a wheel chair. Instead, asked us to look for one. Hijaz Hospital should be closed. That’s simple. Disgusted, dejected and disgruntled, we left the holy Hijaz Hospital and took her to Fazal Cardiac Clinic, Liberty Market. A drowsy night clerk was woken from sleep. Lights on the neon sign outside the hospital blinked “24 Hours Cardiac Emergency”, etc. All rubbish. No medical aid was possible. From there we rushed to Al-Razi Medical Centre on the M.M. Alam Road – a hospital meant for the ultra-rich. The guard posted outside without even allowing us to enter “advised” us to take the patient to Surgimed Hospital. Now coming to the 1122. They could not make it to my house as all roads were blocked/cordoned off to receive the ‘rental’ World XI cricket team. I am grateful to the staff and doctor at Lahore Medical Complex and The Heart Hospital. They not only promptly attended to my wife but with dedication, helped stabilise my wife’s condition by administering all basic treatment and procedures required.

At 4:15 AM lesser mortals like us were allowed on the roads (specially the Jail Road, leading to Punjab Institute of Cardiology). We reached PIC at 4:30 AM. From A to Z, hats off to the PIC staff, paramedic staff and the doctors. They treated my wife and finally after an angiography and 2 stents, she is fine now.

I would like to remind Mian Shahbaz Sharif that VIPs are VIPs – they were and always will remain VIPs – but for ordinary human beings, he should at least order that whatever the status of the VIP, the ambulances must be allowed to ply on the roads. At times, a minute of delay can cause a lifetime of trauma for a family.

I would have made this request via proper channel by adopting the official route but for the ‘kushamdi Baboos’ near and around him who always tell the high ups that “sab acha hai” (everything’s fine).