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Malala, PM discuss female education in Pakistan

NEW YORK: As leaders, dignitaries and activists from around the world come together in New York for the 72nd United Nations General Assembly, Pakistan’s widely acclaimed protagonist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai called on Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

During the meeting, Malala reaffirmed her support to promote the agenda of education, especially female education in Pakistan. She urged the prime minister to make special efforts to promote education in impoverished and rural areas within the country, particularly in Swat.

She urged the present government to prioritise education as one of the most important concerns of the country.

Appreciating Malala’s determination and efforts to promote education and raise the status of girls in the country, the two agreed that no investment would be fruitful unless investment in the education sector is made a priority. “During the last four years improvement has been witnessed in the field of education in Pakistan,” said PM Abbasi.

Abbasi revealed that the ruling government has increased the budget allocation for education in a bid to raise the literacy rate as well as to finance the establishment of quality educational institutes in the country.

Noting that they are still many challenges that Pakistan is facing in terms of gender inequality and inadequate infrastructure, the PM displayed his resolve to address the current challenges.

The prime minister further revealed that the government is also in contact with NGOs and the provincial governments to achieve this objective.

“I believe that not only the quantity but also the quality of education that matters,” said the prime minister.

In addition to this, Malala also met other world leaders, including Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to discuss the need for female teachers in Afghanistan.

She also spoke with the Netherlands prime minister about his country’s commitment to education in conflict.

Malala also met with French President Emmanuel Macron who was accompanied by his wife.  The three shared views on how the French leadership can help in promoting female education globally.

Moreover, Malala also met Nikolaj CosterWaldau and Priyanka Chhopra.

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