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Development projects

It is a matter of appreciation that the federal government is paying special attention to the development of Balochistan province, making concerted efforts to provide all essential facilities to the people on priority basis to ensure that the country’s largest province area-wise is brought at par with other federating units at the earliest.
It is all the more good to note that development projects involving estimated total cost of more than Rs 700 billion relating to water, provision of electricity are currently under implementation in different parts of Balochistan province.
Needless to mention here that that inauguration of Kachhi Canal after being in doldrums for 15 years is rightly being described as the fate changer of Balochistan, establishment of such large number of universities will surely and certainly will change destiny of the people in general and the youth in particular and more importantly after completion of Gwadar Port, the province will become the richest and most prosperous province of the country. Development works of these kinds do take lot of time and the people should have some more patience and wait for these development projects to be undertaken and completed in due course of time, please. Thanks.