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Investment in energy sector

Lingering energy crisis remain a big concern for the federal government which is taking adequate measures in a determined and committed manner to overcome and eliminate the menace of electricity load shedding at the earliest possible by launching more and more power plants in different parts of the country. It is a matter of bitter record that Pakistan has been suffering from a multi-dimensional energy crisis for more than last decade or so.

In this regard, new Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission has put forth factual position regarding energy crisis while addressing the International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies in Islamabad the other day.

Putting things in true and realistic perspective, he further said that most of the power projects under CPEC are in PPP mode involving huge investment of 30 billion dollars by Chinese companies. Under the PPP mode, Pakistan will be buying the electricity from these Chinese companies financed projects at up front announced price and in this manner debt burden of the country will not be increased in any manner on this account.

In addition to the CPEC projects, several other power projects have also been undertaken and are in various stages of implementation and on completion will be adding another 3000 megawatt of power to the national grid.

It is also commendable that while taking steps to substantially increase power generation capacity, due attention is also being paid to augment, expand and enhance the existing transmission and distribution lines across the country to ensure smooth supply of power so being increased in uninterrupted manner.

It is matter of bitter record that Pakistan has been suffering from a multi-dimensional energy crisis for the last more than a decade. Power shortages coupled with high cost of electricity obviously not only had a very negative impact on the national economy but also on the lives of the people. If all goes well, electricity load shedding, duration of which has already considerably been reduced, will hopefully be eliminated for all times to come.