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Imran Aziz enthrals audience at Lok Virsa open-air theatre

ISLAMABAD: Qawwal Imran Aziz, imitating his father’s prominent style, enthralled the audience at Lok Virsa open-air theatre on Friday while performing a devotional Sufi musical night organised to pay tribute to the renowned Qawwal Aziz Mian.

Aziz Mian, a legendary symbol of South Asia, was famous for his unique style of qawwali. Born in 1942 in Delhi, he migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and began learning the art of qawwali at the age of 10.

The open-air theatre of Lok Virsa was jam-packed with an audience comprising of both men and women in almost equal numbers. Aziz performed with great zeal, much like his father, and compelled listeners to applaud lavishly.

His voice carved to the point where his range was greater than the keys of his harmonium and beats of the tablas, and the compositions full of emotions was enjoyed and easily linked to by music lovers.

Lok Virsa Executive Director Dr Fouzia Saeed in her welcome remarks said that the basic aim of the event was to pay tribute to the master of qawwali Aziz Mian and at the same time to provide awareness to youngsters about the country’s culture and traditions.

She said Aziz Mian would be remembered forever for record singing of qawwali and Lok Virsa would arrange more such events to pay tribute to senior artists of the country.

“Most of our younger generations are ignorant about the ‘sufi kalam’ and this is the best way to educate them about it,” she added.

Imran Aziz got the audience delighted when classic qawwalis with others were instant hits. His music breathed fresh life into the traditional music, at the same time enhancing qawwali’s dynamic and utmost spirit.

“I feel like I am listening to the late Aziz Mian. Imran has successfully adopted his father’s unique style, especially his way of singing,’’ said audience member Maham, adding that nevertheless, his father was a maestro in his own league and will always be remembered.

Imran Aziz also performed compositions dedicated to Hazrat Khawaja Nizamuddin and Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin.

Raheel Iqbal in the audience had listened to Imran Aziz Mian for the first time and fell in love with his performance. “He is so engaging and his music makes so much sense,” Raheel said, admiring the perfect synchronisation among the musicians.

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