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Imad Wasim’s state-of-the-art hairband fails fitness test

LAHORE – Imad Wasim 2.0, bolstered by a state-of-the-art hairband, might have to be downgraded again after the latest technology to be used in Pakistan cricket failed the fitness test at the National Cricket Academy (NCA), The Dependent has learnt.

The hairband that comes with I09 Slogging Chipset, Retina-less Display and Wireless Charging, has been deemed unfit owing to – among other reasons – less battery life.

The device was first used in the successful Champions Trophy campaign, and prompted early comparisons between Imad 2.0 and Anjali 2.0 from KKHH.

Many tech experts deemed it as the driving force in Pakistan winning their first ever Champions Trophy and first world-level ODI event in a quarter of a century.

“While Imad has successfully deployed the hairband in the recently concluded Independence Cup, it would be interesting to see how he functions as Imad Wasim 1.0, without the technological advancement,” says Prof Sikander Bakht from the Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore.

“One fears regression for Pakistan cricket, which is experiencing successes in all realms, and should continue to be the trailblazer in headgear technology as well,” he added.

Sources within the team management have informed The Dependent that the device might be sent for another test after an upgrade.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.