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‘IK was not flirting with the General’s wife!’

A recent tweet sent out by Pakistan Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir showed a distorted picture of Imran Khan apparently flirting with the wife of General Sir Nicholas Carter, who happens to be chief of the British Armed Forces.

The distorted picture tweet captioned “Worth a thousand words (or Blackberry messages)” sent out a wave of resentment in the PTI leadership based in the UK.

Outraged by the viral tweet, Sahibzada Jahangir who is a senior adviser to Imran Khan on foreign trade and investment from Europe conducted a press conference which was aired on a TV channel in the UK.

During the press conference, Sahibzada clarified that the picture that had gone viral was distorted.  He also tweeted the original photo of the table where Sahibzada himself was seated between Imran Khan and General Sir Nicholas Carter.  Standing behind were Sahibzada’s son and his two daughters-in-law.

He also revealed Sir Carter’s plan of visiting Pakistan along with a powerful military delegation to hold talks over the Afghanistan issue.

Sahibzada questioned Khurram Dastgir as to how he will face the British army general after bringing his wife into this fabricated episode.

The tweet was later deleted by Khurram Dastgir.

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  1. minhal said:

    it is beyond comprehension as to why PTI aficionados and supporters go ballistic on anyone painting IK’s images with hues of flirtation. IK has a history of being a playboy since his cricket days, went on to father a child out of wedlock, has had sexual affairs with women between his divorce to Jemima and marriage to Reham, and currently faces accusations of sexual harassment from a member of his own party. IK should owe up to his colorful activities and his supporters should back him for that. In the age of enlightenment, sexual accesses are no longer considered as impeachable as financial misdoings.

    • Zaheer Kazmi said:

      Well done minhal, ppl like u r real cause of undeveloped pakistan. how shriff and zardari damaged this country for personal intereats. Ok if IK personal life is a measuring tool than wat about maryam, a lady who runs fast and gives birth to kid in 4 months after marriage.
      Only thing which right now is helping IK that he is not corrupt and wat he rosolves he does.
      See a step beyond than u personal intersts. u will see how is a leader and who is a traitor.

    • Khurram said:

      My dear, look back and review ur own life, u will find big embracements which u might not be able to share withnyone. So dont try to play angel. If u even had an iota of IK personality then u would have been a big Rasputeen. Ur Kaddu Ganja has been offering UK journalist to be his gf and singing songs on phone for Indian actresses as PM. So grow up sunny.
      Ur beloved Marriam Nawaz, ran away with Safdar, became Marriam Safdar then again after 3 kids birth became Mariam Nawaz.
      So stop living in fools paradise and grow up

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  3. khan said:

    شاباش ہے تیری ایمان پر .. کیا زبردست طریقے سے ڈیفنس منسٹر کی بیوقوفی ڈیفنڈ کر رہی ہو . بیک گرونڈ تو کافی لوگوں کی خراب ہے . بلکہ بہت زیادہ خراب ہے .. گھر سے بھاگے ہووے لوگ بھی لیڈر بنے ہووے ہیں . جنکی شادی کے ٣ مہینے بعد بچے پیدا ہووے ہیں انکے بارے میں کیا خیال ہے ؟؟؟

  4. Zaheer Kazmi said:

    A darbari like dastageer who cannot see more than shriffs. wat else u can expect from an idiot.
    Now defend urself infront of cater and forget pakistan.

  5. Imran Saeed said:

    The perception can carry a long way. Political leaders should be wary. Dastagir should not have tweeted and it is in bad taste. One should not bother about the lifestyle of others.

  6. Mahmood Hussain Khalid said:

    Hahahha! Picture is showing the future of Pakistan , compare Farima jinnah’ dopatta and sahibzad’s daughtef in laws cleavege , people who want to vote for new Pakistan like this and people who want old Pakistan vote for ganja ! Lol One is proben culprit from California court and other ia going to be proved culprit in Pakistani kangeoo courts . So keep unclothing each other youtheas and parwaris ! Lol But one thing I appreciate of pmln after 18 long years loadshedding is almost gone , 350 dams constructed in kpk , billion trees are 4 years old and 4 feet high , why Muaharaf didn’t do anything about this load shedding , why zardari didn’t do anything about this power crisis while our industries were going to Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia?

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