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Revamping of hospitals emergencies

It is good to note that the Provincial Primary and Secondary Health Department has decided to revamp the emergency departments of 25 district headquarters hospitals and 15 tehsil headquarters hospitals quite obviously in the first phase during the current financial year. It is appreciable that the prospective applicants have already been plainly told about this vital aspect of the contractual jobs.

What is more important and appreciable in this regard is that the Emergency Medical Officers, so recruited, will be offered a special very handsome package ranging from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh per month. This is a good package and hopefully the RMOs will attracted and satisfied and stay on their assigned jobs during the contract. Though there is no immediate indication of possibility of contract period being extended but this cannot be ruled altogether either as the healthcare facilities being so provided through revamping of emergencies departments of the district and tehsil headquarters hospitals cannot be withdrawn so abruptly.

There is no greater service than to serve and look after the ailing brethren and sisters be they anywhere without any discrimination.