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Today’s White Lies

All former army chiefs* were invited at the recently held Defence Day ceremonies. Raheel Sharif showed up in a dapper business suit. And Kayani showed up in an achkan, wearing a Jinnah cap. A hearty round of applause for the former and, yes, clapping for the latter as well. But the kids were all lining up to have their photos taken with Sharif.

*one former army chief wasn’t invited, of course. General Pervez Musharraf. It appears that the military establishment no longer considers him a former chief but a politician.


A proxy war? Tehmina Durrani is the Punjab CM’s wife and Chaudhry Nisar is his best friend. Both have been giving some anti-Maryam Nawaz statements in the recent past. Veiled, of course.

Meanwhile, the elder Sharif is conspicuous by his absence. He’s in London, with his ailing wife.