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White lies

Eid is here but that doesn’t mean all the memes made at the former premier’s expense are on their way out.

Even during bakra eid, clips with edited audio are going viral where the auspicious animal is asking “mujhe kyun nikala?”

In others, smart-alecs are mimicking their goats, which they swear (wink, wink) are asking the same question.

Well, that’s the fate of elected leaders in the country. Bakray ki maa kab tak…..

A clip from the recent interview of Nawaz Sharif with the Beeb was doctored and spread online. In it, the former PM is blaming his younger brother for his ouster. It is clearly hogwash; even those uninitiated in the workflows of video production would notice the jump cuts.

But this is going to become a problem soon enough. Commercially available, off-the-shelf software will soon be able to do so without being able to be detected by all but the most talented of experts. In fact, even the obviously fake video under discussion found its share of gullible believers.