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Xingpinhua L3 best smartphone around, says guy writing Dependent a cheque

According to sources close to ‘The Dependent,’ the Xinginphua L3 is the best smartphone in the world today, leaving competitors such as Apple, and Samsung groveling and fighting among each other for the scraps left in the L3’s tracks.

Said source approached The Dependent with a hefty cheque  in hand as proof of his sincerity, and revealed to Dependent that the L3 was indeed the best phone on the market today. Given the compelling proof, the team of the Dependent could not help but believe the man that surely had no ulterior motives.

According to the guy handing over the cheque, the Xinginphua L3 is the greatest of its kind. “It has a 3 Gb built in ram, Octacore processor, flash, FM radio, Wifi, bluetooth, touch screen (with stylis in L3-a and without in plain L3), as well as having a 13 mega pixel rear camera and 5 mega pixel front camera for “the most amazing selfies.”

The guy sat down next to ‘The Dependent’s’ reporter while this report was being filed, making sure to explicitly add another couple of zeros on the cheque to prove the point that the Xinginphua L3 was indeed unmatched.

The phone has been made in China, which is the center of industrial development in the modern world as per details provided by the earlier mentioned guy who was the Dependent’s source on this groundbreaking story. It also has the longest battery time (call and blank screen only) of all the phones on the market currently, with throngs of people going to Hafeez Center to claim one for themselves.

The Dependent would have to agree, the L3 is the most ‘in’ thing right now, hands down.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.