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District administration fails to control prices

LAHORE: Due to the negligence of the district administration, vegetables and other food items including spices, continue to be sold at high prices, despite orders of Punjab CM and lord mayor to provide the said items at government rates.

According to details, due to the neglect shown by district administration, sellers have increased the prices of vegetables almost 50 per cent, whereas in regular markets the shopkeepers are setting prices on a whim, much to the displeasure of the public. And despite their complaints, the administration has not been regulating the prices.

The price control officers continue to be silent spectators during the matter. In various parts of Lahore, onion is being sold for Rs 70 instead of Rs 45, tomato Rs 100, potato Rs 80, garlic Rs 200, peas Rs 220 and cucumber Rs 140.

According to shopkeepers, every time close to Eid, profiteers and hoarders emerge and cause spikes in prices of food and other items. Whereas, because of the rain, the production of vegetables decreases which allows hoarders to stockpile as much as they want and raise prices until Eid. Meanwhile, the administration sits in offices and issues rate lists which are not complied with in the markets.

Citizens said that the politicians are busy fighting for seats whereas the public is being suppressed under the weight of high prices, raising a serious question about the efficacy of the district administration.

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