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Awareness workshop held at LGH regarding Congo virus

LAHORE: Congo virus is more lethal than cancer and it grows in the skin of goats and other such animals; extra cared is required while buying sacrificial animals during Eid-ul-Azha. This was stated by Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Principal Ghias Tayyab while addressing an awareness workshop regarding Congo virus held at Lahore General Hospital (LGH).

The workshop was also attended by LGH MS Dr Junaid Mirza, doctors, nurses and paramedics in a large number.

Prof Ghias Tayyab said that the Congo virus originated from African countries and is created from tucks living in the skins of goats, cows, buffalos and camels. These tucks live by sucking blood of these animals. The patient of Congo virus suffers from nuisance, fever, hunger, weakness and swelling of eyes, he said, adding that the patient can suffer a shortage of white cells and profuse bleeding which can cause death.

He said that Congo is a fast spreading disease and requires extra precaution. The principal also answered questions about the virus during the workshop.

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