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PM orders state funeral for Sayonee

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi ordered on Saturday a state funeral for the Junoon song Sayonee.

Born in 1997 to the Sufi-rock band Junoon, the song was brutally murdered last friday on the premises of Coke Studio. The murder was met by outrage and sadness throughout the country and even internationally. Matters were made even more sensational by the fact that one of the 20-year-old’s parents, Salman Ahmed, was found involved in the murder.

“This is the sort of tragedy that has united us as a nation,” said the prime minister. “We should observe this tragedy with the resolve that never again should something like this happen again.”

Meanwhile, arrest warrants have been put out for the gang of killers, namely, Salman Ahmed, Ali Noor, Rahat Fateh Ali, Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia. Of these, Salman Ahmed has already been apprehended, Ali Noor has given himself up for arrest, but the rest are still on the loose. The gang is said to be be armed and dangerous.

“We know the gravity of the situation,” said AIG Sagheer Thebo, Karachi police chief. “We have already placed Aitebaar, Tum Duur Thay, Taara Jala, Sar Kiye Ye Pahaarr and Mera Pyaar under protective custody. We will never let anything happen to them.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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