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Today’s white lies

Are League insiders being a bit too harsh on Nisar when it comes to criticising his ditching the former prime minister in his yatra? Because he is not alone in opting out. While a meal was being prepared for Nawaz Sharif on the road, interior minister Ehsan Iqbal was seen dining at the Lahore Gymkhana.

And it’s not as if Iqbal would have skipped on account of a lacklustre menu. Because reports are that the meal was as glamorous as tired Nawaz Sharif “glutton” jokes suggest.


There seem to be increasing fissures in House Sharif, as was witnessed by the shoot-from-the-hip tweets of Punjab’s First Lady. One of them, we mean.

Amongst the tweets, it was her swipe at the former prime minister’s media team that stood out in particular. Because that meant a potshot at Maryam.

Though the elder Sharif might be basking in the glory of his burgeoning rallies at the moment, when he reaches Jati Umra, he will be facing the same old saas-bahu-nund-bhai-jeth-dewar BS that is the lot of ordinary men across the country. A people’s man, it means.