Police gun down gang responsible for killing trader in Alipur Chattha | Pakistan Today

Police gun down gang responsible for killing trader in Alipur Chattha

Last week a video had gone viral over the social media and television channels over the killing of of a cloth trader in broad day light for refusing to pay extortion money to members of a gang. It was a shocking development as such acts of terror were heard of in Karachi in which gangs demanding extortion money roamed free and operated at will but this had happened in Alipur Chattha located in the Gujranwala District of Central Punjab.

However in the latest development Pakistan Today has learned that the shooters responsible for the killings have been gunned down in an alleged police shoot-out. Police sources claim that two shooters were stopped at a police check-post but they opened fire at the police and the police chased them and gunned them down. Two of the killers were killed by the police while one managed to flee. The killed assassins included Raza and Osama who were both residents of Alipur Chattha.

However, Pakistan Today has learnt through sources that the assassins had been captured and later killed by the police in a planted police shootout.

While talking to Pakistan Today, Member of the Provincial Assembly from Alipur Chattha has said that he on behalf of his constituents hailed the great work done by the Gujranwala Police. He said that he on behalf of the Punjab Government was committed to ensure peace in Alipur Chattha. He further threatned other gangs saying” let it be known to other gangs who ever want to repeat the same thing in Alipur would have to suffer the same fate as ones who tried disturbing the city’s peace before”.

He said that the head of the gang Atif Lahoria was still at large and he was doing his best to contact interpol to arrest him as well.