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Horror movie ‘Pari’ is out but leaves much to be desired

The trailer for Pakistani horror film Pari is out and no, it’s not it was all touted to be.

The movie still is better than many of the recent attempts by the industry at producing horror movies.

The film seems to have a typical story, young couple moves to a new house, which is haunted, and their little child gets possessed by the evil spirits residing in that house.

The trailer almost gives everything away with, “When you interfere in the matters of nature, nature haunts you back.” Very typical.

The visuals and music is okay and really nothing is extremely intriguing about the trailer that would make us want to watch it.

Pari has been directed by Syed Atif Ali, who is also the script writer along with Muhammad Ahsan. The cast includes Qavi khan, Khushi Maheen, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Miraj, Azekah Daniel, Junaid Akhtar and Faiq Asim.

The film is due to release at Halloween on October 31.

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