Police recover bodies of five miners in Muzaffarabad coal mine

MUZAFFARABAD: Police have recovered bodies of at least five miners trapped in a coal mine near Muzaffarabad after a part of it collpased in the late hours of Sunday.

Two severely injured miners were rescued, whereas bodies of the miners who could not survive were recovered around 12 hours after the incident.

The injured miners were sent to the Combined Military Hospital.

The collapsed coal mine is located in an area that was declared to be a fault line in the aftermath of the deadly 2005 earthquake, according to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

JICA had also recommended that the said area should not be used for any subsequent construction purposes. However, there are other mines in the same area where work continues, despite the warnings by JICA.

Residents of the area are also not too keen on the developmental work over there since the spring water- used on an everyday basis by the residents- in the surrounding areas gets heavily polluted by the said mines.