First season of the Battle of the Banned to be shot in South Punjab | Pakistan Today

First season of the Battle of the Banned to be shot in South Punjab

BAHAWALPUR/RAJANPUR – The first season of the highly anticipated reality TV show the ‘Battle of the Banned’ will be shot in South Punjab, The Dependent has learnt.

While most details have been finalised the carbonated beverage that would sponsor it is yet to be determined, as a bidding war simmers.

“All top beverage companies what their name to be associated with the Battle of the Banned, considering the interest it would generate not only in Pakistan, or the region, but even in US, EU and the Middle East,” said one of the organisers of the show.

According to details, all leading banned outfits from all over Pakistan would be participating in the contest that would determine which is the number one banned group in the country.

“The winner will sign a one-year contract to fund trainings and tours,” a senior official confirmed. “Another 10-year contract would ensure their status as Good Taliban for a decade.”

Rumours suggest that the hype already generated by the fight to become Pakistan’s number one banned outfit has engulfed the region and beyond.

“Middle East groups are also interested in the venture, and soon we would be able to make (Cola Brand Name) Battle of the Banned to an international level, said the CEO of a leading beverage company that is believed to be the favourite to win the bidding war.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.