Usman Khattak assumes charge of permanent Punjab IGP | Pakistan Today

Usman Khattak assumes charge of permanent Punjab IGP

LAHORE: The Establishment Division, on Monday, appointed Punjab’s acting IGP Capt (retd) Muhammad Usman as the provincial police officer (PPO) “with an immediate effect and until further orders” through a notification.

The notification was signed by Deputy Secretary Hamzat Shafqaat.

Earlier, Usman Khattak was appointed for a 90-day period through a federal government notification. One of the reasons of a appointing a temporary police chief in the first place was the government’s inability to find a better person for the post.

Media reports at the time of his temporary appointment speculated that the time period could be extended till the retirement of the officer in late October this year.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah nonetheless told reporters that a permanent IGP could be appointed in a week, which happened only yesterday, after 90 days.