PEMRA gives notice to ARY for airing ‘seductive’ ice cream ad

Veteran ice cream brand, “Igloo”, was recently struck down by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) after they published their new TVC on Facebook.

PEMRA issued a notice on the 7th of July imposing a ban on the TVC over inappropriate content. The TVC displayed strong seductive nature and the ban was to be imposed from the 8th of July. PEMRA has deterred all TV channels from airing the advert.

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The airing of the “Igloo” advertisement is in violation of several clauses mentioned in the PEMRA Ordinance 2002.

Recently, renowned Pakistani TV channel, ARY Digital, aired the commercial on July 13th in defiance of the order.

PEMRA is allowed to take action against the violator(s) under section 29 and 30 of PEMRA Ordinance 2002 and has called upon the Chief Executive Officer of ARY to a private hearing on the 19th of July to explain their position and reasons for airing the controversial advert.

PEMRA has also instructed ARY to remove the advert immediately or maximum before the 19th of July. The Authorities will be allowed to initiate ex-parte proceedings if there is failure to comply to the demands of PEMRA or court proceedings.

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  1. JKhan said:

    Absar Alam is so dumb that he foolishly or deliberately ignores equally lurid and filthy ads from many channels. ARY however has the most disgusting tendency to air such filth immediately after Iftar and now after Azaan.

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