Rescue workers prevent rickshaw driver from committing suicide

Authorities succeeded in prevention an attempted suicide by rescuing a rickshaw driver who had climbed on top of a pole early Sunday morning frightening to take his life.

Unable to afford his family’s medical expenses after the traffic police detained his only source of income, a rickshaw, the driver climbed atop the pole in annoyance near Ferozepur Road’s Model Town Katcheri around 7am, sources said.

The man later threw a note stating that he was unjustly fined Rs 1,750 by the city traffic officials which had resulted in his being unable to afford the medical expenses of his family, who are in hospital. He said he would take his own life as he ‘had nowhere else to go’.

After his ascent on the pole, carrying high-voltage lines, rescue and police officials reached the site and used a crane to get closer to the person. Lesco officials also suspended electricity in the area to ensure the person does not get electrocuted in the event of a fall.

Following chaotic dialogue which lasted almost two hours, Rescue 1122 officials were able to persuade him to come down. He told the media after his drop that he belongs to Jhang and was helped by a friend to climb to the top who has since disappeared. The man was later taken into custody the police.

Chanting his accusations of fines by the traffic police, a group of rickshaw drivers, along with passersby, had gathered at the site.

Police had stated earlier that the man must have had help from others to get to the top of the pole with ropes as it is not a task that could have been completed alone.