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Private medical colleges fleecing students

Private hospitals running medical colleges in the federal capital are fleecing the students by violating the rules set by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

Mian Attique of the MQM (Pakistan) raised the issue of non refund of Rs 20 million to the students by Shifa International Hospital, collected under the pretext of entry test, in the Senate Standing committee for Health. Health Minister Saira Afzal assured the committee to write the Shifa Hospital to refund the money. However the senator said when the minister was reminded a few days back, she responded that she forgot the issue and would write to the hospital soon.

It is worth mentioning that PMDC has its own system of entry test but Shifa Hospital held another entry test of its own and collected additional amount of Rs 6,000 from every student.

Mian Attique said the committee also wrote a letter to Shifa Hospital to fund the money to the students but the administration regretted to fulfill the demand of the committee.

Mian Attique said he would raise the issue in the committee once again and if the issue was not settled, he would move an adjournment motion in the Senate.