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Trollers and the trolled: Rishi Kapoor, Sehwag, Rashid Latif & the two Aamirs

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 concluded Sunday night in fantastical style and jubilation for the Pakistan cricket team and their fans all over the world. And as expats and fans flying in for the match surrounded the team bus while the Indian crowd made an early exit to evade the victory celebrations. Crowds in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad clogged the streets the digital world too went up with a resounding bang. The win effectively took over the internet and is still raging in the hearts and minds of cricket lovers all over the world. After all, everyone loves an upset – and especially one so comprehensive.

The falling of India’s final wicket however also marked a number of rivalries consisting mostly of mean spirited trash talk, trolling and some very frustrated bursts of anger and confusion. The main players in these sometimes connected and other times isolated bouts were Rishi Kapoor, Virender Sehwag, Rashid Latif and Aamir Sohail. The antics of all these men came to a conclusion Sunday night as they either gloated, tried to save face, silently smirked in their homes or hid from the public eye.

Rishi Kapoor:

This is not the first time Rishi Kapoor has come under fire for using social media. As the struggles of old men go, they are often ridiculed (rather harshly) for their incompetence with technology and the resulting gaffes from these actions. Rishi Kapoor however is not in league with those facing trouble over their silly usage of social media. Indeed, he is among a select group of people, including Donald Trump, that despite their progress in years are not only fully in control of their twitter handles but are Grade A examples of internet trolls.

The tweet was not particularly well received in Pakistan and not really even in India, After all, it was really not particularly nice. Besides, what Rishi Kapoor was doing was exuding an aura of such complete arrogance and confidence in his team’s eminent (lol) victory, he seemed to ignore the upward trajectory Pakistan was on. It was thus a sigh of contended sigh that the internet collectively breathed when Rishi Kapoor finally tweeted this after the match was done and dusted:

However just a Pakistanis were happy that all the reverse trolling, tweets and memes targeted at Rishi had finally had an effect, the man was right back at it the next morning. Dented egos apparently heal overnight and people get right back to their old selves:

At moments like this, one goes to the dark place where the only befitting reply that has been given has been by the one and only, Aamir Liaquat:

Virender Sehwag

With his beta-pota comments made on live television making rounds immediately after they had been made, Sehwag was in a precarious position even before the Chapion’s Trophy began. He had made the mistake of announcing himself as the crude and mean voice of the Indian people. He effectively became the Indian trolling mascot (and not even for the first time)! And when his comments about Sri Lanka being burnt out kindling came back to bite him, he made the same mistake as Napoleon did with Russia and Johnson did with Vietnam: he decided to back himself and go full out.

Wrong decision. Sehwag put himself in a position easy to make fun off and with no room for defence by Indian cricket’s social media warriors. And just a day before the final when the only criticism being levied against him was his glaring silence, he decided to try and throw in some more Napalm:

Literally the worst thing he could’ve done. The only possible route after the Pakistan win was to ignore his earlier bravado and simply tried to act dignified:

Rashid Latif

The one person on this list in any position to do anything close to gloating is Rashid Latif. If Virender Sehwag had been needlessly disgusting in his rant, Rashid Latif decided to top him off in his response video. And while it meant a lot of laughs and whole lot of memes for Pakistani cricket fans, the comments made only made the situation worse. For actions such as Rishi’s and Sehwag’s, the solution is a complete and utter wordless boycott. What the former Pakistan captain did was degrade himself and legitimise Sehwag’s words.

Aamir Sohail

Aamir Sohail is the one person in all of this mess that was completely and utterly made fun of and condemned by both sides. His is the prime example of what should have been done to Rashid, Rishi and Sehwag. Indian cricketers came out to condemn him as well as Pakistani cricketers. Nobody really took him seriously either and he was brushed aside as should have been done. If ever such incidents happen again (which they undoubtedly will), the ideal situation will be to model the response on what happened to Aamir Sohail.

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