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Qatar LNG deal to be displayed on same shelf as Iran-Pakistan pipeline

ISLAMABAD-After shelving the $2b Qatar LNG deal, the Petroleum Ministry has announced that the LNG project would be displayed in the same shelf as the Iran-Pakistan pipeline.

Talking to the media, Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources ShahidKhaqanAbbasi said the project is of the same pedigree and should hence be showcased accordingly.

“It’s a big big project and we were really depending on it to fulfill our energy needs – just like the Iran Pakistan pipeline,” Abbasi said. “Considering this, it’s only fair that it’s prominently displayed in the same shelf that has been dedicated to IP pipeline.”

Further highlighting the profile of the LNG project dumped by Pakistan, Abbasi said that the gas from Qatar would have diversified the country’s energy mix.

“We have shelved some really high-profile projects, but trust me the Qatar LNG deal ranks right up there,” he maintained.

It is pertinent to mention here that The Dependent had earlier reported that a new shelf was under construction to hold the continuing shelved projects.

Abbasi added that at this rate Pakistan might need to increase the construction work for more shelves.

“We expect the Punjab government to take care of that,” he told The Dependent.

Aamir Abbasi

Aamir Abbasi (CIPR) is a Corporate Communication and PR professional. He has managed and headed PR function in PSO, PARCO, K-Electric, NBP and EPZA.