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Today’s White Lies

It was a bit of an irony that the Panama JIT has asked the prime minister and his sons to fill out a set of questions at around the same time as it gave Imran Khan a 14-part questionnaire as well. The same Imran who had pushed for a questioning of the first family to the effect in the first place. What goes around comes around.

It is interesting seeing these fellows fill out their respective questions like exam students. Since neither the prime minister nor Imran Khan were known to be good students, one doesn’t think they would be copying off each other’s answers.

A bit of a novel explanation by the spin doctors of the prime minister on the issue of the “snub” in Saudi Arabia where he was not allowed to speak.

They say that the premier was very much in queue to speak but the rostrum was slated under an alphabetic schedule and Pakistan, with its P, comes pretty late; that the event got over before our turn came.

Well, that might be a problem every Zubair, Zara and Zebra would know of.