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Today’s White Lies

Whereas the other chief ministers complied with the formal dress code that was expected at the official meetings regarding CPEC over in China, his Khadimness was the odd one out, with his divergent sartorial choices.

Mr Gatsby likes his dapper dress sense in general. His safari suits have become synonymous with him now and his combination of said Safari suit with Indiana Jones style hat and long boots are, if not Paperazzi worthy, at least viral internet meme worthy.


Election season is to start in a bit. Found scrambling to keep the jiyalas within the party is one Asif Ali Zardari, who was in Peshawar recently to keep the party, nigh decimated in KP, together. The PPP’s Noor Alam Khan, the richest (declared) parliamentarian of the previous assembly, has jumped ship and is said to be considering the PTI. Speaking of which, Zardari also rushed back to Sialkot to keep former information minister Firdous Ashiq Awan in tow.

It’s a stark reversal of the situation at the League, where party members current and prospective, are all falling over each other to be close to the Sharif brothers, all vying for a ticket.