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Take care of the farmers


Despite the fact that the entire wheat procurement process is personally being monitored by Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, not all the farmers have been provided with their required number of gunny bags and resultantly wheat arrival at the centres is pretty slow. The CM, according to the reports, was greatly annoyed on seeing carpets laid down in the procurement centres and not enough chairs provided for seating of the farmers including the elders. Couple of senior officials, who apparently could not feel comfortable without carpets were suspended and others told to facilitate the farmers instead of bothering about their own comforts.

While appreciating what the chief minister is trying hard to provide maximum facilities to the farmers at the procurements to ensure procurement of four million metric tons wheat a great success, one is forced to ask: where are the provincial ministers, secretaries, MNAs and MPAs who were assigned to visit procurement centres in their allotted areas and keep the chief minister duly informed? It seems officials are not afraid of earning CM’s wrath.