Human rights violations go unnoticed in the province

The Punjab Provincial Human Rights Department (PHRD) has apparently fallen into a deep slumber as an increasing number of incidents of brutalities against the downtrodden segments of the society are taking place under its nose. From harassment of female staff in schools to torture of domestic help, the PHRD has failed to help most of the victims. However, when it comes to sending reports of its achievements, as infrequent as they may come, to the foreign donors the PHRD becomes active.

The Provincial Department of Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs (PDHRMA) has badly failed in safeguarding rights for the submissive communities and individuals. In a renowned Christian school in the city, a female teacher quit her job to protect herself from the principal of the school who is known for harassing the staff. The teacher reported the misconduct of the principal to the bishop at the school, but even then no action was taken against the principal. The PDHRMA has failed in safeguarding the rights of the teacher as well.

In another incident, a female domestic worker was killed in model town in Lahore this month. This came after a morbid incident in another area in the city where a student’s eyes were gouged out by some influential people.

In Chichawatni, a student named Jan Danish was spanked by his teacher, Abdul Quyum, for fighting with his nephew; when Danish’s mother went to school to enquire Danish’s misdeed, the teacher hurled abuses at her as well.

Also, recently in Kasur, a boy’s hand was amputated by a local landlord because the boy had complained that the landlord had not given him any food and was still making him work.

Such grim incidents are happening on a rising rate in the province, but the pleas of the victims have only fallen on deaf ears, with the PDHRMA failing to respond to any of those.