Death rampant under your noses

In the last few years, the city of Lahore has improved considerably, bringing much-needed relief to the citizens of the provincial capital. However, there are still areas within the city that paint a horrible picture and the dwellers there are facing immense difficulties.

I’m a resident of one such area. Jannat-ul-Qurba—PP-159, near Purana Kahna—is a small community with approximately 2,500-3,000 residents. The sewerage system here is completely non-existent. There used to be a nullah here before which was made by the government; however, the land mafia took control of the patch of land and sold it. A housing scheme, Rehan Gardens, was constructed on top of it along with a factory.

The residents lodged several complaints to the local MNA about it. But four years on, no action has been taken. The Chief Minister’s cell had also been made aware of this through an application, but to no avail. An application in this regard was sent to the Secretary of Irrigation and the Deputy Commissioner, however, no action was initiated.

Due to no sewerage system, there is now dirty water standing everywhere and hepatitis-C is rampant. After a laboratory test, it was confirmed that the drinking water has also been contaminated, but the residents don’t have any other source of water. People are forced to drink this yellowish water, and many residents, including my eighteen year-old son, have gotten sick.

The local mosque has a ground in front of it which was used to offer Taraweeh prayers during Ramzan. Sadly, due to the sewerage water standing on the ground, this year the ground is unusable and residents will now have to go quite far to offer their prayers.

Large bodies of such stagnant have formed; a couple of weeks ago a three-year-old girl fell in one while playing and died.

Despite multiple applications and cries for help, both the government and the local administration have done absolutely nothing to help the residents.

As a father of a hepatitis-ridden son I implore the government and the chief minister to help our case and solve our problems.

Syed Akbar Khan