Police arrest 2 accused of army official’s murder six months ago

ISLAMABAD: Police on Thursday have arrested 2 suspects in connection with the murder of Major Zeeshan Qamar some six months ago. Qamar had been killed while he attempted to resist three armed robbers who barged into his house in sector I-8  on the afternoon of November 3.

The case had been pending ever since because the police had been unsuccessful in finding any clues relating to the suspects.

However, the officials stated that they stumbled across the suspects while questioning suspects related to a case of sexual assault of a Chinese woman in her house in Sector I-10 in April this year.

The suspects were identified to be Afghan Nationals namely Gul Haleem, Sher Muhammad, Qasim Ali, Azhar, and Gul Kher.

During investigations of the rape case, the suspects allegedly confessed to various robberies and burglaries in the area, including the murder of Major Qamar.